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  1. How to pose inexperienced models

    19 Sep 2019
    One of the best techniques for working with inexperienced models is quite simple. Have fun, establish a dialogue and let the model know that they can express themselves and bring ideas. This is one of the most important things. If the photo model can express itself in front of the…

  2. The Beautiful Art of Imperfect Beauty

    10 Jun 2019
    We all run after the perfect beauty but it does not exist. In portrait photography we always try to make the best photo possible. We try to find the best poses, the best light and use the best photo equipment. All this to achieve the perfect beauty. It’s not just…

  3. 50 Great quotes by 50 Great photographers

    21 May 2019
    ‘There is nothing worse that brilliant image of a fuzzy concept.’ Ansel Adams ‘I wish I knew what was expected of me… I have a fine incipient case of split personality.’ Dickey Chapelle ‘My advise to all other new street photographers is to try different things; don’t get stuck in…

  4. How to look skinny in pictures

    19 May 2019
    Whatever your silhouette, tips and tricks to help you learn to dress so you look slimmer for your next photo shoot.  Simple ideas help you dress to look slimmer for your next photo shoot. Proper Size The first obvious thing you need to do to look slim in photos…

  5. If You’re A Portrait Photographer You Need To Watch This

    17 May 2019
    Richard Avedon - “Darkness and Light” If you are a portrait photographer, beginner or professional, the documentary “Darkness and Light” about Richard Avedon should be on the top of your watch list.  In this one and a half hour masterpiece, produced as part of the 1996 “American Masters Series.” we…

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