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5 Career Benefits From a Professional Portrait

You only have about 5 seconds to make an impression when someone clicks on your profile and the first thing they want to see is your photo. In a perfect world, your resume and skills should be enough to find the job of your dreams, but as any marketing professional will say, sometimes a little career boost is needed. It’s true that people love facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. And that they are addicted to their iPhone. But the problem is that people are first humans, and we communicate with humans! And one of the best ways to stand out  is to present yourself at your best with a professional portrait

Doing a professional photo shoot can be costly and time consuming, depending on whether you are starting your career or being a busy individual. Various industries have requirements for portraits such as models, journalists and writers. The world of entertainment is known to have used professional portraits to select actors, dancers or models. This blog post will give you five benefits to getting a professional portrait and will guide you hopefully.

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1. Be a professional

If are you not particularly photogenic, a professional photographer can make you look fantastic and fabulous. When you’re in the hands of a professional, they can do amazing things with lighting, very expensive lens and photo editing. Professional portraits may be necessary for a variety of reasons, such as publishing an article, a job interview, creating a network, blogs, and social media. 

Whatever the need, a headshot will be the first interaction of a reader with you. Thus, your leading photo should leave an impression on the audience to ensure that the audience remembers you or your organization and therefore wishes to engage with you or your company. The professional portraits should inspire confidence, personality and professionalism.

2. Look fabulous

Head shots are a good way to either brand yourself or get your brand noticed. When potential customers visit your website or social media, they will study your face and features. They will get an idea about you and see if they like you or if they can trust you. A professional portrait of you gives them a chance to contact you and initiate the connection. Photographers are trained to bring out your personality in the picture. That’s what you pay them for. They know the angles, the correct tilt of the head and all the secret tips to make you look fabulous.

3. Update your image

There is nothing worse than a dated picture. When you have not updated your professional image, the message you send is that you have not paid attention to the small details. You’re happy to let things stay the same and you’re not ready to make an effort to make sure your professional face reflects the modern era. 

More importantly, you also want to make sure that potential customers and employers see the same face online as they will see in person. This can be a shock when you are waiting for someone with long hair and only to meet someone with short hair and recently dyed! Headshots tell a story about the person. From the angle of the photo, the location, the light, the expression on the face, the appearance and finally the words that accompany the portrait.

4. Improve your positioning

Use professional photography to enhance your personal brand is a great way to use the visual nature of the human brain. Whether you operate an online business or create an online portfolio, authentic, high-quality photography will play a crucial role in personalizing your brand. This is one of the most effective ways to improve your expert positioning and instantly connect with your readers or customers.

5. Invest in your future

Professional portraits are an investment in your future. A well-made image can be a major motivation for an individual, a team or a company. A professional headshot can be expensive, but it’s an investment. When applying for a job, a professional photo makes it possible to distinguish the professionals from the competition. If you get the job, the amount of money spent on getting the headshot will not matter compared to the salary. Thus, anyone thinking of getting professional portraits should not focus on the current cost, but rather on the likely benefits they will get.

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