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How to pose inexperienced models

One of the best techniques for working with inexperienced models is quite simple. Have fun, establish a dialogue and let the model know that they can express themselves and bring ideas. This is one of the most important things. If the photo model can express itself in front of the camera. There will always be beautiful pictures at the end. 

Share your Plan 

To allow the model to give the best for  the shoot, you must let her/him know what you expect from her/him. Make her/him feel comfortable by taking the time early to explain to him/her what you want to do. Your plan should be detailed but not too much and include a mood board of the poses you want to capture, so the model is fully aware of what you want to do. 

Trust the Photographer

Finally, tell them to trust you. You are the one who sees the frame through the camera, not them. They need to know that what you are shooting produces good results, and if you ask them to move in a way that they might find ugly, tell them that from your point of view, it is beautiful. In the end, the photo will come from where you are and not where your model is. You might see something that they can not, so you have to let them know what’s good! 

The First Photos

It takes a while to create a relationship of trust during a photo shoot.
Portrait photography is based on mutual trust between the model / subject and the photographer and it usually takes a little while for this heat to develop. Once the subject of your photo feels comfortable, you will begin to see more real emotion from them. Because of this, you can usually get rid of the first few pictures of a shoot. Think of them as warm-up photos and remember that you’ll get more evocative pictures once your model starts to relax.

Compliment the Model

Never forget to compliment your model, smile at them and tell them when you get a great picture! Because it’s very important. 

Check the video up there for more informations.

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