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  1. Portrait photographer : How to improve your portraits

    15 May 2019
    Most of the talents that a good portrait photographer must have, are not necessarily related to the technique. But rather to relational talents. Confidence is one of those talents you need to be a good photographer. Confidence comes little by little with experience. Being confident during a photo shoot is…

  2. Portrait photographer : How to become a model

    07 May 2019
    The most common question that modeling agents, photographers and scouts receive from aspiring models is, “How do I become a model ?” There is so much information in books, on websites, and swirling around in modeling forums that it can seem very confusing and overwhelming to a new model who is…

  3. Portrait Photographer : 7 Great portrait photographers

    03 May 2019
    Portrait photography is an art, And as in every artistic form. There are the masters of the discipline. And they have inspired generations of photographers. Although this list is not exhaustive. It will make you discover some famous and less known photographers. Photographers who have dedicated their lives to their…

  4. Portrait photographer in Geneva : How to get noticed by agencies on instagram

    02 May 2019
    Instagram has become one of the largest social network in the world. For modeling agencies this media platform has become a place to scout the models of the future. And for the models, Instagram acts as a portfolio. So how do you get noticed on Instagram? Here are the most…

  5. Portrait photographer in Geneva : The art of emotion

    02 May 2019
    The motto of the city of Geneva (Switzerland) is “Post Tenebras Lux”. After darkness the light. The different stages of the evolution of a portrait photographer leads him to free himself from his doubts to go towards the light of creativity. The eye is not only connected to reason but also…

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