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  1. Portrait photographer in Geneva : From seed to fruit.

    30 Apr 2019
    A photographer’s role is to capture life and bring it into a frame. To seize a moment and immortalize it forever. Portrait photography is a subtle art because it touches the human and what is more complex than the human being. Putting  life into a frame requires obvious technical…

  2. Portrait photographer in Geneva : 12 Secrets To Look Amazing in Photos

    26 Apr 2019
    1. Angles in photography are everything. Think about angles. Facing the camera straight on is rarely flattering. Instead, turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features the best look. 2. Pretend you are squeezing an orange in between your shoulder blades to instantly improve slumping shoulders. 3. A…

  3. Portrait photographer in Geneva : How to prepare for your photo shoot ?

    25 Apr 2019
    Before your photo shoot, you must be physically and mentally ready. To avoid any stress the day of the photo shoot. You have to prepare your physical appearance and take into account the mental aspect of a photo shoot.  For some people, it is difficult to pose in front…

  4. My 10 Best Portrait Photography Poses For Women

    24 Apr 2019
    Portrait photography is not an easy art. It’s a delicate mix of technique, human relationships and sometimes moment. As Henri-Cartier Bresson said so well: “The decisive moment”. You have to know how to capture it while being aware of the person you are photographing, managing the light etc. The photographer

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