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Portrait photographer in Geneva : How to get noticed by agencies on instagram

Instagram has become one of the largest social network in the world. For modeling agencies this media platform has become a place to scout the models of the future. And for the models, Instagram acts as a portfolio. So how do you get noticed on Instagram? Here are the most important tips for you.

Be ready 

Model scouts must be able to find you easily on Instagram. Set up your Instagram account for public viewing. So that everyone can see your photos easily. Make your Instagram account stay up to date with your most recent photos. Browse your account and delete any photos that are not suitable or of poor quality, just keep the best and the latest ones. Be aware that your content should attract scouts. 

Make sure that you have your contact information in the bio, put your email and your place of residence so that modeling agencies can contact you easily. Check your messages often so you don’t miss opportunities.

Stay natural

Modeling agencies are looking for natural talents who have charisma and they should be able to get an idea of ​​your personality and image on Instagram, so be sure to put pictures that reflect your personality. Choose photos that showcase your unique natural beauty and beauty that reflect your life and interests. Focus on images that show your personality, the shape of your body and your facial features. Think about things that motivates you in life.


Create content on a regular basis, try to speak with people working in the fashion world, collaborate with photographers in your area, makeup artists, hairdressers. Follow their accounts, comment on their messages and they will notice you at some point. Ask photographers to take BTS shots (behind the scenes) of your actual shots. You can also collaborate with the creators, fashion startups or brands you admire and promote their products. Be yourself and be honest with your followers. And don’t forget to use hashtags when you post on Instagram. To be discovered as a model.


Instagram stories are a great way to engage with your audience, and you can make them as fun and creative as you want.  Show your followers your personality and what a model’s life looks like, share your personal experience, and create great content. So use it and you will be the next top model.

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