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The Beautiful Art of Imperfect Beauty

We all run after the perfect beauty but it does not exist. In portrait photography we always try to make the best photo possible. We try to find the best poses, the best light and use the best photo equipment. All this to achieve the perfect beauty. It’s not just the physical beauty we’re talking about here, but beauty in its general sense. 

The beauty that touches the soul and our emotions. The one that awakens our senses and inspires us at the same time. There is beauty in its purest sense that will forever be unattainable. Because it’s a beauty that would make everyone agree on it. Whatever the culture and the period concerned. And there is a beauty that is plural, different and indefinable. Because the forms of expressions and appearances of this beauty are diverse.

In photography beauty is only an ideal and it is different for each photographer. According to his aspirations, his photographic culture and his education. The definition of beauty may vary from one photographer to another. Because beauty is just conform to an aesthetic ideal. And by conforming only to one aesthetic ideal, one can fall into standardization and cliché. 

We cut ourselves off from the artistic expression. The search for novelty, the unexpected and elsewhere. Beauty needs no standard to express itself. Beauty speaks for itself. A photo can be beautiful without us being necessarily accustomed to the beauty that is is represented in the photo. Whatever the subject represented, beauty will always be appreciated.

Everything we consider beautiful today in photography was considered ugly the day before, out of the standards. Beauty was imperfect before becoming perfect. The classics of today’s photographic beauty were once judged as avant garde or out of step with the beauty standards of the time.  But beauty has never changed. It’s only the way we perceive it that changes over time.

As they say beauty comes from the heart. We have to listen to our own intuition about photography in order to find our own way. Finding beauty in photography requires courage because you have to dare to break the standards of classic beauty in order to find a new way. Dare what seems imperfect at first sight. But who can become beautiful if the truth of the work is real and the creative process sincere .

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